#OneADayInMay: 26 May

Jon and I popped by the Folk Festival this morning, and the festivities are well and truly underway throughout Chippenham. We are incredibly pleased to see the Festival decide to forego single-use water bottles, so if you’re heading into town please make sure to bring your own reusable bottle. Looking for something a little different? Hall’s Emporium of Fancy Goods on New Road has a great of eco products, from fun bottles and reusable cups to bamboo straws and cutlery. It’s well worth a look if you’re trying to cut down on plastic.

Meanwhile, today’s #OneADayInMay selection comes from the Olympiad Car Park. The sheer amount of rubbish present meant we couldn’t leave without doing a mini-litter pick since we always have pickers and bin bags in the boot of the car. Between the two of us, we managed to fill a bin bag in about 10 minutes; this is just a small selection of what was found.

This is a particular problem area because it is high traffic, both in terms of pedestrians and those who pull in to eat and litter. Complicating matters is the fact that many of the bins seems to have broken lids and, based on our experience of running a litter pick here a few years ago, it’s also an area that gets the full force of the wind. This means that rubbish can easily blow out of bins, and that anything that is in the car park tends to get blown into the hedges and kerb.

It seems like areas such as this that are known to be highly littered would be prime locations for not only signs that warn of litter fees, but actual enforcement. It wouldn’t take long for the message to spread as far as the litter currently does.

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