Research has shown that litter attracts litter.  An area that is clean is likely to stay clean and, conversely, a littered patch is likely to have more litter added to it … or worse: litter is often the most visible indication that an area is uncared for, allowing other anti-social behaviours to flourish.  This strand of the Off the Ground strategy aims to:

  • Change the perception that cleaning litter is solely the responsibility of the Council or “someone else”.
  • Encourage people to pick up litter, starting with their own doorstep or driveway.
  • Empower streets or neighbourhoods to host their own regular Community Clean Ups.
  • Send the message that we will no longer tolerate living in a littered community.

The great thing about cleaning up litter is that it requires no special skill and very little equipment. A litter picker, a pair of gloves, and a bag or two.  Hoops are great but optional!  You can clean on your own, with friends and family, or by joining an existing group.

Are you interested in starting an anti-litter group in your own area? Drop us a line at for information about you can get your own organisation off the ground!