Chippenham and Beyond

Another catch up on the #OneADayInMay litter collection from this week since life has

gotten in the way of posting.  The first image shows the wall bordering Homebase, which is a litter magnet. Both of these items could be recycled and both were abandoned only half empty. It’s waste on so many levels. As discussed earlier in the month, I would love to have the opportunity to use areas like this, where rubbish is known to congregate, to send a message to those who litter … and those who may be thinking about it.

The picture above and below were both taken in John Coles Park.  The first is the sixth whippit I’ve found in a week and the second yet another example of how recyclables aren’t valued.  Time for a bottle bill?

My other half went on his own adventure earlier this week to Pewsey, and enjoyed a wander through the local woodlands.  However, even natural areas such as this aren’t immune from attracting litter.  Until the culture is changed to encourage people to think about their actions–and the fact that those actions have a consequence–then sights like this will continue across our villages, towns, cities, and beauty spots.

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