Today I’m in Sheffied for my day job and I came *this* close to not posting anything for #OneADayInMay. Despite my comments yesterday about litter being a nationwide problem, Sheffield–or at least the area around my hotel–seems to have it sussed. I went for a walk after dinner, fully expecting to find a sandwich carton, can, or crisp packet I could snap and pop in a bin. But there was nothing except clean pavement as far as the eye could see. Well, clean pavement and an old ambulance that I passed at a local museum.

It wasn’t until I was on my way back that I stumbled upon a sweet wrapper hanging out with a handful of cigarette butts. For some reason small items seem to be classed as “not litter”, even by people who otherwise know better. Remember my acquaintance who railed against littering, then casually mentioned that she at least felt guilty if she dropped a sweet wrapper? This is why a zero-tolerance approach to littering is so important if we are to have any hope of reducing the amount of rubbish in our communities.

I’ll be out and about in the city more tomorrow and I’m curious to see if this cleanliness continues … or if it was just a bit of luck.

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