#OneADayInMay: 27 May

So I got a little distracted while working on my personal blog that I didn’t get around to posting the #OneADayInMay photos for the 27th until the early hours of the 28th. Oops.

I did a little experiment last week and litter picked an area that I walk on a regular basis so that it was as clean as possible. In just under 24 hours, four pieces of litter had been added in what is probably a quarter of a mile stretch of land. This amount is straightforward to pick up, but imagine it multiplied by a week–that’s 28 pieces. By the entire month of May? That would be 124 pieces of rubbish. And after a year, if the rate of littering remained steady and wasn’t removed? That’s 1,488 pieces of rubbish, give or take a few. While I prefer it off the ground, I do wonder if that quantity is what’s necessary for government to take the problem seriously.

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