Quarterly Report: Water, water everywhere

Okay, not exactly. Water bottles make up 3% of the recycling we find, although the real number is likely to be much higher due to MIA labels.  Bottled water is a controversial topic in the world of conservation: in developed countries, water from the tap is perfectly safe to drink and therefore bottled water is unnecessary (if you remember to carry around a reusable bottle of course).  Some places have gone so far as to ban bottled water, and we’re still shocked that it is one of the items that we actually saw being littered.  Whatever your feelings about the product, there certainly are a number of brands – these are the ones we’ve found so far in 2015:

Abbey Wells Still Water
Aqueo Still Spring Water
Brecon Carreg
Buxton Water
Clearview Still Water
Cristaline Still Water
Fruity Clear Still Water
Glaceau Smart Water
Harrogate Spring Water
Highland Springs Sparkling Water
Marks and Spencer’s Coconut Water
Morrison’s Diet Indian Tonic Water
Nestle Pure Life Still Spring Water
Prince’s Gate Pembrokeshire Still Water
Romy Water
Sainsbury’s Still Scottish Mountain Water
Saka Spring Water
Sirma Natural Spring Water
Tesco’s Sparkling Water
Tesco’s English Mineral Water Ashbeck
Tesco’s Sparkling Summer Fruits Flavoured Spring Water
Tesco Perthshire National Mineral Water
Volvic Water
Wilco Mountain Falls Water

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