Commute Collections

It was too windy for us to go on a rubbish walk this weekend – we learned from an earlier experience that trying to hit a moving target (i.e. the bin bags) with litter pickers is an exercise in futility.  However, it was quite an active week for me: I managed to collect a full carrier bag of rubbish during my evening commute between Chippenham Railway Station and home.  Three days, three bags – each represents 24 hours worth of litter along a half mile of pathway.  

Day 1: What appears to be a relatively small bag turns into quite a mess of products when spread out.  What did I find? Recyclables, sweet wrappers, crisp packets (all Walkers today), takeaways, sandwich cartons, cigarette carton, lids from Costa and McDonald drinks, a dry ice bag, and other assorted bits and bobs.

Day 2: Same path, same time of day.  Same amount of rubbish? More recyclables, crisp packets, sandwich cartons, takeaways and smokign paraphernalia.

Day 3: It was too windy to spread the rubbish out on this day, but the piles don’t appear to be getting smaller.  Can you spot the five recyclables found on this day?

We at Rubbish Walks have some great ideas in the works to raise awareness of the litter problem and, hopefully, start to trigger some changes in behaviour.


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