#OneADayInMay by the Numbers

I didn’t have to go far to grab this last photo for
#OneADayInMay.  This is the side of our
house, which regularly collects rubbish blown over from Hardenhuish
School.  Click the hashtag for the complete collection of the
#OneADayInMay posts, and keep reading for a by-the-numbers look at this month’s
litter collection.

For example, if all 168 people who follow Rubbish Walks
on Facebook picked up one piece of litter each day in May, that’s
5,208 bits of rubbish off the street.  If
our 381 Twitter followers were added to the mix, that’s 17,019 fewer pieces of
litter in our cities and towns.  Throw in
Rubbish Walks Heybridge and Rubbish Walks Woodbridge’s Facebook followers and
that’s 1,211 people who care about having a cleaner community and 37,541 pieces
of rubbish and recycling properly disposed of.

But of course litter doesn’t occur on just one day or over
one month.  It is a problem 365 days a
year.  And cleaning is just the tip of
the iceberg when it comes to stopping it.
Because, after all, shouldn’t that be the ultimate aim, to prevent cans,
bottles, wrappers, and cartons from becoming litter in the first place?

We will be holding a meeting next Wednesday, 8
June, at 7:30pm at the Angel in Chippenham to discuss plans for this coming
year.  Due to work schedules and summer
holidays, we will not be able to hold a Community Clean Up in June, but have
one pencilled in for 30 July.  Stay tuned
for details about the location, and do get in touch if you have any questions.

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