Triple Take

Catching up on #OneADayInMay with several shots that illustrate common problems.  First, train tickets.  They and receipts are items I wish could be digitised.  There has to be an easier and more environmentally friendly way to record a transaction.

Then there’s the wall problem.  Someone very carefully folded up this bag and wedged it under the fence to ensure it wouldn’t blow away.  Thoughtful, but it’s still litter.

And finally, a problem I’ve mentioned before, but which deserves another airing: rubbish directly caused by stores.  This was photographed today at the Tesco on New Road and shows several pieces of cardboard that have escaped the collection points.  If it had been a very windy day, these would have been halfway down the street.  It seems like there’s a simple solution to this: a netting on top to prevent pieces from straying.  As with most things involving litter, why are we making things so much harder than they have to be?

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