#OneADayInMay2018: 28 May

Today’s #OneADayInMay collection is a bit unusual in that it was already pre-collected for me and left next to a bin. I can assure you that there were at least 28 pieces here as I discovered when sorting it out for recycling. So why bother? After all, it’s all bagged up, it’s not like it’s “real” litter, right?

The problem with leaving rubbish near–but not in–a bin is the message it sends: that such behaviour is normal and not a problem. But it wouldn’t take much wind for this to go flying, and it is perfect for wildlife to get into (indeed, while out collecting today I came across a squirrel in a bin). I admit that it is certainly easier to clear up than standard rubbish, and it’s a step in the right direction, but perhaps we need to start stressing the second of the anti-litter message: “Use a bin OR take it home.”

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