How did you get on today for the #ChippLitterPick?  We stayed at home for the bank holiday, but
didn’t have to go far to pick up a few (dozen) pieces of litter.  


However, litter doesn’t occur on just one day a year: it
needs attention the other 364 days as well.
I hope you’ll give #OneADayInMay a go if you’re not already picking up
litter on a regular basis.  And if you
read my rubbish manifesto, you’ll know that I don’t think of cleaning as litter
prevention. Instead, it is mitigation –absolutely
needed, but in tandem with a holistic system to stop litter in the first place.

We have some thoughts about this.  Check in tomorrow to read more about the
Clean Up Chippenham” campaign that Beverly designed last year.  

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