#OneADayInMay: 6 May

The interesting thing about #OneADayInMay, and the assemblages of litter that it is producing, is the sheer variety of rubbish that is ending up across our communities. There’s litter from fast food restaurants of course, but much of it is random bits from people eating and drinking on the go: crisp packets, cans and bottles, sandwich wrappers, and other food containers.
I admit the rock salt (especially in this weather!) was a surprise.


This is where packaging and behaviour change need to go hand in hand. The culture must shift so that the proper behaviour–packaging goes in the bin–is dominant, but at the same time we must stem the tide of single-use plastics. Just a scan through this one day shows how much of what we encounter on a daily basis can’t be recycled. Indeed, the only thing I was confident putting in the recycling bin was the Foster’s can.

Which is the perfect segue to the next blog post …

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