Red Bull might give you wings, but it also gives you litter. While Coca-Cola is the reigning overall champion of littered products in Chippenham, Red Bull is usually top of the list for brands of energy drinks. Hence the reason that today’s #OneADayInMay post has not one but two Red Bull cans found during my walk home.

As a side note, Red Bull–and the other big energy drink companies like Monster, Rock Star, and Relentless–are a perfect example of why we record the brands of the recycling we find. Knowing the key littered items helps to focus on the demographics of those who use the products, which in turn can help craft an anti-littering intervention.

Forget the £1 billion per year price tag to clean it up. Forget the threat to wildlife. Don’t areas simply look better when they’re not covered in rubbish?

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