Dreams and Reality

A few more photos as I continue to document my efforts in picking up litter as part of #OneADayInMay.  I also had an idle daydream as I walked home this afternoon.  Wouldn’t it be great if the shops where much of this litter originates–the petrol stations, the Tesco Expresses or Sainsbury’s Locals, and of course the fast food places–be willing to display the same campaign all across the country?  Something that sends the message as customers leave with their purchases that litter will not be tolerated.  Perhaps a poster campaign highlighting that money spent on cleaning up litter could go elsewhere.  Or calling attention to public image (“Don’t be a tosser”).  Or something inspiring paranoia like Keep Britain Tidy’s “We’re Watching You” poster. Or a blunt warning about on-the-spot fines, with fines that are actually enforced.

But as I say, it is nothing more than a daydream at the moment.  For it to be a reality, there needs to a holistic approach to tackling litter and a united front from government, businesses, and schools to change the entrenched litter habit.

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