#LitterWatch2017: Week 31

I’m running a bit late in posting this week due to some technical problems with the blog. Fingers crossed it’s all up and working now!  

Not that there’s actually much to write about the litter … Besides getting even more faded, everything remains more or less the same as it’s done for the past few weeks.

But please do make a note in your diaries: on Saturday, 19th August, from 10:00am-11:30am, Councillor Holly Bradfield and Councillor Teresa Hutton will be running a litter pick starting on Bolts Croft. Although I’m busy that weekend (hello, mum and dad!), I hope that they have great weather and a great turnout. Please contact them via their Facebook pages if you have any questions about the clean up.

And for those

on Facebook

who saw the saga of the baby mouse I found while on the way home last week–which made an unexpected change from litter–I am happy to report that it made it through the night and was safely delivered to a wildlife rehabber.

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