#LitterWatch2017: Week 30

[TECHNICAL ERROR: I currently cannot post photos to go along with the blog entry; swing by the Facebook page to see this week’s pictures.]

The past week of sun, wind, and rain have managed to fuse the orange and yellow balloons together, and many of the other pieces continue to look rather battered and faded after 7 months outside. However, there are still a handful of items that show few, if any, changes. The Lucozade bottle, the blue plastic carrier bag, the white “biodegradable” balloon, the yellow tobacco pouch, and the cigarette butts are practically untouched. The plastic water bottle may have lost its label and the label on the glass bottle has faded, but the actual items are still in good condition. Both the paper and the polystyrene takeaway container are in decent shape (although the latter has a few cracks from the board falling over in the past). We’re now over halfway through with this experiment; what changes will occur as we slide towards the end of the year?

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