#LitterWatch2017: Week 46

I haven’t managed to be home during daylight hours this week, so I’m running a bit behind on LitterWatch photos. Not that there’s much to report: most of the damage continues to be cosmetic rather than structural, and if I had the inclination to continue this for another year, I have a feeling that much of the litter would remain just as it is now.

I’ll be doing a summary of changes and my thoughts on the project overall at the end of the year, but if you’re interested in doing your own LitterWatch activity–maybe with a class at school or a scouting group–this is the time of year to start collecting rubbish. It’s great if you can get things that are new so you can better see the changes, and you can also collect “fresh” litter from near shops. If you’re feeling particularly brave, just pop in and ask – Subway was happy to give me one of their sandwich wrappers.

I used a selection of some of the most common litter we find, and here’s a list of everything that started on the board:

  • Plastic bottle
  • Subway sandwich wrapper
  • McDonald’s cardboard fry container
  • Costa coffee cup
  • Crisp packet
  • Cigarette carton, with and without cellophane
  • Tobacco pouch
  • Cigarette butts
  • Carrier bag
  • McDonald’s cup with lid and straw
  • Balloons
  • “Biodegradable” balloon
  • Receipt
  • Coca-Cola can
  • Cadbury’s sweet packet
  • Paper takeaway container
  • Polystyrene takeaway container
  • Lucozade bottle
  • Sandwich carton
  • Glass bottle


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