Just the Stats

The numbers are in: this past weekend’s Community Clean Up and CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) at Donkey Field uncovered 403 items that could be recycled. This is 130 fewer items than when we cleaned this area in January … but still 403 items too many!

Of those 403 items, 17% were glass, 47% plastic, and 36% cans.  Nearly a quarter (24%) of the the recyclables were unlabelled, so we don’t know what type of beverage container they were from. The breakdown for the rest is as follows:

Alcohol: 17%
Carbonated Beverages: 24%
Energy Drinks: 12%
Fruit: 6%
Milk: 2%
Sports: 9%
Water: 4%
Other: 2%

Based on these numbers, it certainly seems that interventions targeting the consumers of the top three most littered drink types could make a big dent in the overall total.

Many thanks to Jon for compiling the tally and making sure that everything got properly recycled!

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