Return to Donkey Field

This past weekend we hosted our first joint Community Clean Up and CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) in Donkey Field.  It was an absolute success: we had our biggest turn out to date, with over 35 enthusiastic people giving up their time and putting enormous effort into tidying the area.  In two hours, they managed to find 25 bags of rubbish and recycling, plus an assortment of odds and ends: two bicycles, two scooters, a traffic cone, a couch cushion, and enough hubcaps to outfit an automobile.

Yet what is worrying is that this is the THIRD clean up in this location just this year.  We kicked off the New Year here, finding the same amount of rubbish and recycling. 
In between then and now, the Army also stepped in and did a spot of cleaning for the Queen and did not leave empty handed.  It’s location by several schools and the sports ground have turned this area into a litter magnet.

However, it is fantastic to see everyone pull together to send the message that littering is unacceptable – and have fun while doing so!  We are still working out the details for the May Community Clean Up; please get in touch if you have a suggestion for next month’s location.


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