Full of Energy?

Collecting littered energy drink containers has been a real eye opener (pun intended).  Previously, I could have named two brands, but in our January collection we came across thirteen different types.  In alphabetical order, they are:

Amp (1.5%)
Boost (1.5%)
Emerge (10.8%)
Energie (3.1%)
KX (4.6%)
Monster (26.2%)
Nourishment (1.5%)
Original Energy Drink (6.2%)
Red Bull / Red Bull Red (21.5%)
Relentless (13.8%)
Rockstar (7.7%)
Source (Morrison’s) (1.5%)

Based on this month’s totals, the most popular brands to be chucked out in Chippenham are: Monster, Red Bull, and Relentless.

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