Third Time Lucky

Our third organised Community Clean Up this past weekend in Pewsham Park was lucky in turn out, even if the weather didn’t cooperate! Despite the rain, it was great to see so many familiar and new faces, and the area looked fantastic when everyone was done. We hope that the residents of Pewsham will continue to look after the park and its pathways now that there’s a clean slate – and we hope that the local litter louts will now think twice before discarding their rubbish!


Before and After: A lot of the litter in this area was tossed here … and should we really be surprised? The fence is broken, graffiti is scrawled across it, and the area is overgrown and looks uncared for.  Now, it’s clean – and just waiting for someone to fix the fence!


Before and After: A closer look at the detritus that had built up behind the fence.






A big thank you to everyone who turned out on such a wet day to help look after Chippenham. A total of 10 bags of rubbish and 8 bags of recyclables were collected and properly disposed of.

We will be taking a brief break from organising Community Clean Ups while we tackle a few other things – we are going to be relaunching with a broader focus (looking beyond cleaning to actual behaviour change) and are currently putting together an education programme for local schools. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the cleaning of Chippenham has to stop!  Make it part of your daily routine to pick up litter (5-a-day doesn’t have to be just for fruit and veg!), or grab a friend or family member for a walk in your community. Download the Brand Bingo cards and make a game of it. Keep us posted on Facebook or Twitter. Good luck!

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