In Praise of Litter Crusaders

Once you become aware of how big the litter problem is in the UK, you start to notice it everywhere. Along motorways, where it has been chucked out of cars. Along a community’s streets, where careless individuals drop food wrappers and beverage containers. Along footpaths, rivers, canals, and other beauty spots where people seemingly can’t be bothered to find a bin or take the rubbish home with them to dispose of it properly.

It’s sad. It’s annoying. It’s anger inducing. Yet I am relieved to write that there are a lot of organisations and individuals out there who are passionate about keeping Britain tidy. There are sites like, Love Clean Streets, Clean Up Britain, and People Against Litter. Local groups like the Crewe Clean Team and Litter@Llangattock show that they love where they live. Internationally, Litterati and the Museum of Litter use creative ways to get the message across.

I discover new groups every day on Twitter and have found it inspiring to see what others are doing for the benefit of our environment. Want to be a Litter Hero? You can find your nearest group by searching on

Not a bin, Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK

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