Monday Morning Daydreams

I had a seminar at work today and I found my mind wandering, as it often does, to rubbish. 

I imagined a world where people picked up the litter from in front of their houses, and businesses kept the property around their premises neat and tidy.  Everyone took responsibility for their own small patch of land.  It all seemed so simple, so easy

Walking home this evening brought me crashing back to reality, with sights like this to greet me along a residential stretch of Malmesbury Road.  Discarded cans that I passed this morning at a bus stop … still there (and added to my household recycling tonight). 

Tackling the problem of litter in the UK is an enormous undertaking but it can be more than just an idle daydream. However, we must stop looking towards the government or Council to bail us out, and instead clean up must start in our own communities, on our own streets, and at our own front door.

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