On (and off) the beaten track

Today’s rubbish walk was along another section of Malmesbury Road, but we also ventured on to a few side paths.  Despite cleaning this area on a monthly basis, we still found enough general rubbish to fill two bags, and the recyclable tally was up to 12 glass bottles, 26 plastic bottles, and 34 cans.  The side paths, which we hadn’t cleaned before, also turned up evidence of a mass DVD binge (and we really hope they weren’t stolen!), as well as the lair of the Knotty Man.  He (or she … although most likely a he) deserves his own blog entry, so stay tuned.

imageThis small part of Malmesbury Road took 1.5 hours to clean.

imagePlastic wrapping from what we believe are DVDs; we hope it’s just a messy movie fan, rather than stolen items!

imageThe Knotty Man’s handiwork; more on him later.

imageToday’s collection; at the rate we’re going, we’ll have enough auto parts to build a car by the end of the year.


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