Two for One

Combining blog posts today because it’s been a very busy few days …

Yesterday’s #OneADayInMay
piece of litter comes from Birmingham New Street train station (and I wrote this on while on the train back to Chippenham last night). I think most
people don’t consider litter an indoor problem, and that is in part due
to the belief that someone else will clean it up. So cinemas, theatres,
stadiums, trains, train stations, and more end up with rubbish left
behind. How much of that attitude permeates into the rest of day-to-day

And a few shots from today’s Community Clean Up as part of the Big Avon Clean Up, where we found slightly more than the usual #OneADay.

We didn’t meet our record of 28 bags of rubbish and recycling that we
set in February
… and that’s a good thing! There was perhaps slightly
less litter around in Monkton Park today, whether due to a genuine
decrease, the efforts of ParkRun to tidy up, or the fact that vegetation
has completely covered the riverbanks. That being said our wonderful
volunteers still managed to shift 20 bags of rubbish and recycling in
two hours. Many thanks to everyone who took part! I’ll be posting more photos here over the next few days, and we’ll also provide the recycling tally when it’s ready.

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