In football, corners are a great thing.  These set pieces give teams a chance to score and can change the entire direction of a game.

But when it comes to litter, these bits and pieces have me seeing red. What’s happened is so easy to imagine: a person has ripped off the corner or top of a package to get at the tasty treat inside … and discarded the scrap without even thinking about it.

Some brands are worse than others: Cadbury’s, for example, clearly mark the area that you are supposed to tear off and almost seem to invite litter. These purple strips are my nemesis at the moment and I usually find one or two a day without even trying.

I do not feel that package design is to blame for all of the rubbish surrounding us, but this an instance where the packaging need to be rethought.  It’s would not be the first time that companies have redesigned their goods based on litter – the common pull-tab on cans is a great example of something that was leading to litter (and cut feet) and which was addressed with improved packaging.  Better packaging, less litter – what’s not to love?


Litter on the dotted line?

Corner scrap, no sign of the associated wrapper along the street.


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