Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Have you ever wondered if recycling has gotten too much PR?

Don’t get me wrong, recycling IS a great thing.  After all, transforming an object from its existing form into something completely different, or into a shiny new model, is akin to modern alchemy.  It uses far less energy than if you were starting for scratch and means less waste goes to landfill.  It’s definitely worth doing.

And yet the first two verbs in the above slogan are often overlooked or completely forgotten. Yet these are ones where the greatest savings can occur, both in terms of energy required to produce a product and in terms of our own pocketbook.  

So please, keep recycling.  But also consider how you can reduce the amount of waste you produce or reuse products in different ways.  Like this glass bottle: it was found during a rubbish walk around Chippenham and instead of going to the recycling centre it has been pressed into service as a vase.

Does anyone else have a favourite item they’ve rescued from a rubbish walk and reused?


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