Nota bene, #notabin

I studied Latin at University and, while I’ve forgotten most of the declensions and how to conjugate verbs, the phrase “nota bene”—and its abbreviation N.B.—has stuck with me.  Literally, “note well”, it’s a polite way of saying “Pay attention to this!” in writing.  

So, because some people in the UK seem to need help distinguishing between what is a bin and what is not, I will be using the #notabin hashtag on Facebook and the Rubbish Walks Twitter feed to point out things that are definitely not bins.

Please join in with your own photos!  Let’s call attention to this madness–and remove the litter of course.


All of these things?  Not bins. 

(I also wish I could say that these were posed as examples, but this actually how I came across this litter.)


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