#OneADayInMay: 14 May

I told myself on my way to the train station this morning that I would pick up my #OneADayInMay litter on the way back this evening. After all, there would be no hurry as I didn’t have a train to catch! However, there were some pieces of rubbish that were just such an eyesore that I couldn’t help but stop and collect them. Then I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and walk around my office building at lunch, and I couldn’t leave the handful of pieces that I came across. So I finished my personal challenge of 14 pieces before returning to Chippenham!

What’s really noticeable about today’s collection is how much recycling is out there (four plastic bottles and two cans today), and how much can’t be easily recycled. Three of today’s items were crisp packets, which must be binned. Even the Haribo packaging that advertises itself as being made of a recyclable material can’t be recycled in Wiltshire (or many other places I imagine). Of course, whether an item is recyclable or not is a moot point if it doesn’t end up in the right bin … or any bin for that matter.

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