Running Wild

If you have also been following along on my personal blog, you’ll have noticed that I am a big fan of nature and wildlife: garden birds, pond life, and flowers have all featured this year.  As a result, I regularly watch Springwatch (and Autumnwatch and Winterwatch) and love to see the in-depth look at animals and their habitats.  Except I was on holiday during this first week on air, meaning this weekend was devoted to binge watching every episode so I could be up to date for this coming week.

What does all of this have to do with litter?  Besides the fact that litter is often fatal to wildlife, it brought to my attention that right now is Volunteers’ Week (or Volunteers’ Fortnight (Almost) since it runs 1-12 June).  This is a great time to get out and do something to make a difference in your community.  It could be picking up litter, donating time at a charity shop, or any of a thousand-and-one other opportunities to help out.  Please be sure to check out their website for how you can get involved!


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