Monkton Park Totals and Tallies

Once again, many thanks to everyone who participated in last weekend’s Community Clean Up and CITO in Monkton Park.  This was the first time we had cleaned it since March, when 30 bags of rubbish and recycling were found as part of the Clean for the Queen event. September’s total was even higher, with 34 bags found, which were divided evenly between general rubbish and recycling.  Jon has been busy this past week recording all of the cans and bottles, and making sure that everything gets properly disposed of at the Recycling Centre.

A total of 433 items of recycling were found over two hours.  That breaks into:

  • 75 glass bottles (17%)
  • 148 plastic bottles (38%)
  • 210 cans (49%)

As usual, the top product types are ACE: Alcohol (32%), Carbonated beverages (25%), and Energy drinks (16%).  Please get in touch if you’re interested in some of the other information we have, such as the most popular brands.  Those who were at the event probably won’t be surprised to hear that Tesco was the most common store brand found.

During the event, many comments were made about the “Black Swamp”. 

This area was nominated as a Grot Spot as part of Clean for the Queen in March, and “winning” the title as one of the top 12 dirtiest places in the UK was supposed to see it professionally cleaned.  This has not happened yet, but plans are taking shape for an event in February 2017.  Please stay tuned for more information about this and future Chippenham Community Clean Ups.


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