Monkton Park Clean Up

The incredible volunteers who turned up for Saturday’s joint Community Clean Up and CITO (Cache In, Trash Out) in Monkton Park managed to fill 34 bags with rubbish and recycling over the course of two hours. This is an increase of 4 bags since the March Clean for the Queen event, and was split evenly with 17 bags of general rubbish and 17 bags of recycling.  As you can imagine, it will take a while to sort through and record the recycling, so the stats for this will hopefully be ready later in the week.

In the meantime, here are some photos from the event, and a big thanks to everyone who gave up their Saturday morning to clean up Chippenham.

Benches should really have bins nearby; this particular bench is near Wilkinson’s – perhaps a good location for a sponsored bin?

Everyone showed up promptly at 10:00am.

Pitching in on the basketball courts.

And they’re off … participants scatter to all corners of Monkton Park.

Our green footprints are looking a bit tired, but will hopefully be getting a facelift soon.  Meanwhile, another bin had a spider webs across it; perhaps a sign it should be re-deployed to a busier section of the park?  

The geocachers are an incredibly happy lot when tackling a challenge like Monkton Park!

It was great to see regular volunteers Steven and Matthew again.

“It’s not a CITO without car parts!”

Congratulations to Sarah for another successful CITO.

The Black Swamp of Monkton Park is due a clean up from Keep Britain Tidy … in 2017. Stay tuned for our plans for next year.

A swampy before and after below …

Imagine what a deposit scheme could do for reducing the number of bottles and cans that litter our communities.

This is what 34 bags of rubbish and recycling look like.  Well done to everyone who participated!

We’re still trying to figure out when our schedule will be free for our
next organised Rubbish Walk, but if you’re interested in participating
in a different clean up, Councillor
Peter Hutton will be running an event on Saturday, 1 October at Derriads
Pond, on the top of Derriads Lane.  It will be from 9:30am until


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