Escape from Litterland (mostly)

I recently took a much needed short break to mid Wales and was pleasantly surprised to find an absolutely stunning landscape with very little litter. It’s not completely absent–in the photo above, my husband has documented me retrieving a stray piece of plastic–but the quantity is noticeably less than south Wales and England.  There are a number of possibilities for this: the population is far sparser (less people, less litter); the fast food and food-on-the-go culture is less developed (we passed nary a McDonald’s or Costa where we stayed); people are driving places rather than walking and dropping (most of the litter we did see was along the roadside); all of the above. Regardless, it was certainly nice to enjoy an area where the paths were dotted with flowers and pine cones rather than crisp packets and bottles. You can read more about this trip from tomorrow (Tuesday) over on my personal blog.



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