Litter Counts: Rockstar

Rockstar is another energy drink that, like its competitors Red Bull and Monster, doesn’t seem to give its consumers enough energy to actually dispose of the can properly. The customers of just these three energy drink companies alone are responsible for 276 littered aluminium cans. Companies know who their target audience is–why aren’t they targeting them with a positive anti-litter message?

Right now as I type this Chippenham is under snow again, but keep an eye out this week for Coca-Cola owned Smartwater.

If you really want smart water, consider investing in a reusable water bottle and filling up from the tap! It saves you money and is better for the environment. Download the Refill app to see where the nearest Refill stations are and you can easily hydrate on the go. In Chippenham, our supporting businesses are:

  • The Garden
  • Cycology
  • Rivo Lounge
  • Coffee #1
  • Sarah Jayne’s Cafe
  • Grounded
  • Kingston St. Michael Village Shop
  • Santosha Studio
  • Munro’s Cafe Bar

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