Litter Counts: Foster’s

As you may have already seen in an earlier blog post, one Foster’s can was found this week as part of #OneADayInMay. It’s not an uncommon brand for us to stumble across–indeed, one of last year’s Community Clean Ups had 10 cans alone. If you want to help us continue to remove can (and bottles and general rubbish from Chippenham), please consider coming along to next week’s clean up at Donkey Field. We’ll be set up from 10am-noon on Saturday, 12 May. I can’t guarantee the weather will be as nice as this weekend, but I am fairly confident we won’t have snow.

And this week keep an eye out for KX cans. It is probably in the top 10 of the energy drink brands we find in Chippenham, so it won’t surprise me if it adds to our 2018 tally next week.

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