Great British Spring Clean

It was wonderful to see so many people show their love for
Chippenham this morning at our Community Clean Up as part of the Great British
Spring Clean. There was a fantastic mix
of new and familiar faces, and everyone gave Donkey Field and the surrounding
area a thorough clean. Our 25 volunteers
found a total of 35 bags of rubbish and recycling (and a shopping trolley,
traffic cones, and barbed wire) in just two hours.  As usual, the recycling will be tallied up
and the results shared, but it may take a bit longer than usual to slog through
the number of bags we have.

While the Love Chippenham campaign is winding down for the moment, we
would like to thank everyone who took part, whether in attending a Community Clean
, volunteering their bin as part of the Residential Bin Scheme, displaying a
poster, participating in ChippenGo (answers are now available on the Love
Chippenham website
!), or working to keep your patch clean on a regular basis. Stay
tuned as we have lots of ideas in the pipeline for future activities!

A shout out to the guys from Wiltshire Council who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us clean up and haul away the rubbish.  They even paid a house call and dropped the recycling off on our doorstep!

If you volunteered today and would prefer that your photo not be displayed, please get in touch and I will remove it ASAP.


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