Déjà vu all over again

Captain Ahab had the white whale. For Sherlock Holmes, it was Moriarty. This is a photo of my nemesis:

It may look familiar. Indeed, this overflowing bin has featured in the blog several times. My office window used to overlook it, so I am aware that its current state is not an unfamiliar one. I just don’t understand how it can happen on such a regular basis without action being taken to fix it.

In this particular case, I noticed that it was beginning to look full on Wednesday and, by Friday, it had reached the tipping point.  It was reported to Wiltshire Council then, and I have instituted another “BinWatch” to see how long it takes before the rubbish disappears.

I don’t wish to lay all of the blame at the Council’s feet; after all, people could take their rubbish home. Or, if John Coles Park is open, pop in there and use the bin. But this behaviour—leaving litter at a full bin—is known. And for us to clean up our communities, we must begin by working WITH existing behaviour before we can have any hope of changing it.


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