Change of plans

This was not what I was planning to write about tonight.  I thought I
would be posting yet another a photo of the Malmesbury Road/Wedmore
Avenue bin as it was overflowing again yesterday afternoon and looked pretty
bad this morning, but sometime today it was emptied and all is right
with the world.

Or at least that particular bin.  The one at the
Chippenham Railway Station is now quite a state.  In an example of why
we can’t have nice things, it looks like someone has pulled out the main
part of the bin and left their domestic rubbish on it.  Old Road and
Union Road are also being used as a tip.  This has been reported on the
Wiltshire Council app, and I hope that local businesses will take a bit
of pride in the area–if they all joined together to regularly clean a
small patch, this would no longer be such a problem.


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