Litter Picking Begins at Home

What a difference a week makes!  Last Saturday we were freezing on the bridge to drum up interest in Sunday’s Clean for the Queen event.  Today, it feels like spring has arrived in Chippenham.  

This morning Jon and I went on perhaps the shortest rubbish walk we have ever done, walking approximately 100 metres and cleaning the boundary between our road and that of Hardenhuish School.  This area is overgrown with brambles and other plants that serve as a deterrent to keep students from hopping the fence and using the area as a cut through … but it also catches and holds an enormous amount of litter.  Crisp packets, sweet wrappers, and foil from packed lunches made up the majority of our finds.  Within 30 minutes we had filled two small bin bags with detritus and headed back to the house.

So many apologies to our neighbours who were probably wondering why we were poking around in the hedges this morning.  However, this brief outing shows how easy it is to making a difference on your own doorstep: there is no need to wait for a national event or organised Community Clean Up – just pick up litter wherever you find it.  Indeed, you probably don’t have to go very far.


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