Congratulations, Jess!

In a break from the normal litany of rubbish that I’ve been posting this week to encourage everyone to pick up #OneADayInMay, I would like to offer my congratulations to Jess, the recipient of a green Blue Peter badge.

Jess is a friend’s daughter who, without any prompting from me or her mum, chose to focus on litter as the topic to write about in order to be awarded this environmental badge.  My friend then pointed her to the Rubbish Walks website to do some research, and I am thrilled to be able to reprint her letter here. 

Dear Blue Peter,

people just go about chucking their rubbish in their local
community.This means there is a high risk of lots of animals suffering
or even dying. It also makes everyone think it’s a rubbish
place to be because it looks like no-one cares about where they live.
If there is no rubbish bin just take your rubbish home, not throw it in
the environment.

There is a
a charity in Chippenham called “Rubbish Walks” which helps clear up
their local community. I know who runs this because she’s my mum’s
friend! You can find out more about this charity

Walks seeks to encourage people to pick up litter and recyclable
materials from the side of roads and pavements. Needing nothing more
than a bag and a litter picker (or a good pair of gloves),
a few people—or a few dozen—can make a big difference in literally
cleaning up a community.

From Jessica,  Age 8


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