19 down, 12 to go

Catching up on #OneADayInMay with a few shots from Chippenham and one from slightly further afield. 

As the weather warms up (more or less) and grass begins to grow faster, litter will begin to disappear into long grass … where it most likely will be turned into a thousand little pieces as soon as it’s mowed.  I’m trying to catch what I can now, but the sad thing is that it is easier and more cost efficient to mow without cleaning first.  The second photo is from a visit to Trowbridge this afternoon: someone didn’t get the memo that these are planters, #notabin.

Finally, a shot of the new bin on the corner of Wedmore and Malmesbury Road that, as of yesterday, was starting to look rather full.  I didn’t get the chance to check on it tonight, but having a new, larger bin shouldn’t mean it can be neglected longer.  This area has been looking much better since the bin was installed, and I hope this isn’t the return of a regularly overflowing bin. 

And while having them in the bin is better than on the ground, the number of plastic bottles that have ended up getting tossed rather than taken home and recycled is quite sad.  I personally draw the line at excavating through dog poo bags to rescue recyclables, but I would hope that a bottle bill or use of reverse vending machines would help cut down on litter as well as this type of waste.

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