Bits and Pieces

If you’ve been participating in #OneADayInMay, or have been along to any of our Community Clean Ups, you know that you don’t have to look very hard to find litter. These pieces were found within a few feet of each other on my walk home this evening.


The trouble with coffee cups as litter is that they easily turn into two pieces. If you’ve been watching #LItterWatch2017, you’ll know neither piece disappears. And if you regularly grab tea or coffee on the go, please please please consider using a reusable cup: eCoffee makes a lot of fun designs from bamboo, and there are plenty of travel mugs out there as well.


This wrapper was found in a tree. Studies have shown that people who leave litter in hedges or trees, or on benches or walls, tend not to think of it as littering. This is why the message of “Don’t litter” should be replaced with “Use a bin”: it’s more positive and is very clear about the expected behaviour.


I can only think that this piece was an escapee from someone’s rubbish bin, which is a good reminder that not every piece of litter was deliberately discarded.

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