Which do you prefer?

Take a moment and participate in a thought experiment with me …

Imagine a world where everyone just did his or her job and no more.  

Where, upon seeing a wrong, everyone just shrugged their shoulders and
said “Eh, it’s not my responsibility.”  Or “Why bother?  There’s nothing
I can do to make it better.”  

Where, instead of acting and doing, there was just talking and complaining.

Is that really the world you want to live in?

I would like to thank Rubbish Walks Woodbridge and Rubbish Walks Heybridge
for going above and beyond over the past six months.  I hope others
will be inspired by their efforts, whether it’s picking up one piece of
litter a day as part of a normal routine, or going on a proper rubbish
walk with a litter picker and bag.  Every little bit helps – and takes
us one step further away from the shrugs and “Why bothers?”.


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