How not to recycle

Is it fly-tipping if rubbish is dumped at the bins?

leaning towards yes!  This was the sight at the Sainsbury’s in
Chippenham this past weekend.  I don’t know who is responsible for
collecting the recycling here, but unfortunately this sets a bad
precedent – it’s very easy for the next person who comes along to think
“Hey, I can just leave my stuff here too.  Someone else already did

In a previous job, I conducted research into behaviour change surrounding energy use, and
one of the factors that came up again and again was that social norms
play a larger role
in determining behaviour and attitude than most
people realise.  However, this can go both ways: positive examples and
norms that exhibit a desired behaviour can encourage individuals to
behave in pro-social ways.  Negative examples or norms that show that
people don’t care about their community? The very definition of

The stuff in the bags? Not glass.

The cans were close to being in the right place.  Everything else, not so much.

Paint can, aluminium can, same difference?

The battery bin doth overflow.


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