Where’s your patch?

In speaking with volunteers over the past week, it’s been great to hear that many of them have adopted their own “patch” to keep litter-free.  For some, it’s the street they live on, for others it’s the routine journey they make to work or the shops on a daily basis. Regardless, well done to everyone who has taken this on!

As for Jon and me, we consider our patch Malmesbury Road, from the intersection of Hardenhuish Lane down to New Road. This is an area that ends up regularly littered for a variety of reasons: 1) There are no bins; 2) It’s a road that connects takeaways, shops, and schools to residential areas – the perfect location for eating on the go; and 3) It’s an easy place to chuck rubbish from vehicles.

We cleaned half of this stretch today, and I am pleased to report that litter levels are lower than usual. We found only one bag of rubbish and 24 items of recycling: 1 glass bottle, 7 plastic bottles, and 16 cans. We also did a bit of chalking around John Coles Park; this feels incredibly naughty but we have received permission from Chippenham Town Council and Wiltshire Council to use the parks!

The dictionary definition of oasis is: “ A pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult or hectic place or situation.”  Unfortunately it does not describe this photo.

Sushi among the leaves: It’s not just energy drinks and crisp packets that end up as litter.

Do we really want rubbish blocking our drainage and sewers?

There were a few wrappers left under a bench in John Coles Park so we left a message to remind people where the bins were.

This area was double trouble: There were a few instances of dog-fouling and someone else managed to bag their dog’s poo … then toss it over a fence.

These miniature pieces of plastic cutlery are still litter … and for some reason were all around Malmesbury Road today.


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