Hate Litter, Love Chippenham

The Love Chippenham campaign is really off and running now!

  • The bin labels for the Residential Bin Scheme are printed and being delivered throughout the weekend. This is a unique programme that seeks to extend the urban “binfrastructure” by using residential bins located near the pavement. Keep an eye out for the stickers springing up throughout the week.
  • Love Chippenham posters can be viewed in local shops … or check out the website to see them all in one place.
  • Banners are up on the town bridges to remind residents: “Bought it? Binned it? Brilliant!”.  Positive messages (”Use a bin”) are shown to be more effective than negative injunctions (”Don’t litter”), so hopefully this may nudge a few people to do the right thing.
  • Chalk Trails have started popping up in local parks with the reminder that chalk disappears – litter doesn’t.
  • The ChippenGo game will be running until 4 March. Even if you can’t find all of the locations, submit your answers for a chance to win £250 in vouchers to local shops.

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