What’s in a name?

Rubbish Walks. Off the Ground. Love Chippenham. Confused about the nomenclature and what’s going on with the site? Read on for the background and an explanation:

In 2014, I launched Rubbish Walks to encourage residents of Chippenham to take matters into their own hands and pick up litter while they were out and about. I spent the Christmas holidays building this website, starting the blog, and launching the social media channels.

Meeting Beverly in 2015 helped kick things to a new level. Between the two of us, we had new ambitions and a new name to go with them: Off the Ground, with a focus on prevention through education and projects in addition to  cleaning activities. We officially registered the organisation under this name, and I spent the Christmas holidays designing the new website.

At this point, I planned to keep the two separate: Rubbish Walks for the blog and focus on cleaning, Off the Ground to act as a repository for everything else. I intended for the social media channels to reflect this split as well.

In 2016, we decided to start planning our first big campaign: Love Chippenham. I spent the Christmas holidays designing the campaign website (noticing a pattern?). The campaign successfully ran in February/March of 2017, and we would like to make this a regular occurrence to help draw attention to the problem of waste within our communities.

Are you with me so far?

  • Off the Ground is the official name of the organisation and is a repository for litter prevention ideas.
  • Rubbish Walks has a focus on cleaning and is the website that hosts the anti-litter blog.
  • Love Chippenham is a periodic campaign to focus attention on litter and how we can combat waste.

Off the Ground is very much a grassroots organisation that is growing organically year by year, and probably breaking every rule of branding along the way. Which brings me to where we are now …

In addition to my anti-litter work, I have a demanding full-time job and I am working on developing my own businesses (check them out here and here). I simply don’t have the time to keep multiple social media channels active, so I am asking that you please make the switch to Off the Ground on Facebook and @OffTheGroundOrg on Twitter. You can also subscribe to the newsletter to have occasional updates emailed to you. Due to the way each website is set up, the blog will stay right here.

Questions? Drop me a line: hello@off-the-ground.org.


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