The Power of Yes

We at Rubbish Walks have just returned home from a very unusual day out – we were interviewed by BBC Wiltshire and one of the litter songs was recorded in studio for broadcast next week. 

When I look back at what the last six months has brought us, I am amazed at how far we’ve come in trying to raise awareness of the problem of litter in Chippenham: 

  • Rubbish Walks Heybridge and Rubbish Walks Woodbridge have formed to bring the message to their corner of the UK.
  • We organised our first (and now second!) community clean up.
  • We have spoken at the annual Chippenham Town Meeting (despite sweaty palms and knocking knees!).
  • We are exploring the options involved in forming as a not-for-profit group so that we can do even more in Chippenham.

All of this because we, and those who support us, have said, “Yes, I want to make a difference in my community.”


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