Community Clean Up

This weekend we arranged our second community clean up in Chippenham, focusing on the area around the Olympiad Leisure Centre. We were a bit concerned that the weather would keep people away, and high winds meant that our gazebo tried to take flight, but our 15 volunteers did an incredible job over the course of two hours.

In that time, participants found 16 bags of recycling and 14 bags of general rubbish.  The 30 bags took up an entire car space!

Much of what was found was practically an antique, including this Lucozade bottle that appears to have a Nov 93 Best Before date.  We had volunteers younger than that!

It was great to see young members of the community pitching in to clean up Chippenham.

We really appreciate parents bringing their kids along and setting a fantastic example for others.

Happy litter pickers are what we like to see!

Tina carried out a spot of gardening and had the area looking fab.

The amount of rubbish and recycling Rob found in this one bush was staggering.

Jo and Steve managed to snag 6 bags of rubbish and recycling between them.

A high five to everyone who came along on Saturday to help clean up Chippenham.  We are planning to do a Community Clean Up in June in Pewsham, so please stay tuned for details.


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