Talking Rubbish at Hampstead Norreys Greenfest 2022

Over the past eight years, I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours writing about rubbish. Which doesn’t really surprise me—writing is my happy place. It’s how I sort out my thoughts, generate new ideas, and it even pays the bills!

So, this Saturday, 10 September, will be a little different: I will be talking rubbish at the Hampstead Norreys Greenfest. Come along to St. Mary’s Church at 2:15 pm to hear my thoughts about how we can put litter first and explore everything this fantastic eco-event has to offer.

Can’t make it on the day or want to re-visit the presentation afterwards? Check out a recording here:

Explore the Off the Ground website to learn more about the topics I touch upon in this short talk:

And this isn’t the only time I’ve been known to talk rubbish. Last year’s Litter-inar recording can be found here:

And the follow-up Q&A session is here:


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